• I the participant certify that I am over the age of 18 and that by participating in Lucky Coq Hell Fire Hot Wings Challenge. I understand that I will be eating chicken wings that are treated with the hottest ingredients and other seasonings & spices with an extreme degree of heat that include but are not limited to: Carolina Reapers Chilli, Black peppercorn, Vinegar, Garlic, Worcestershire, Honey and Salt. In signing this waiver, I acknowledge that there could be a risk of personal injury, illness & possible loss of life, and risk of damage to or loss of personal property which may result from participating in this challenge. I confirm that I do not have a medical condition that could jeopardise my health or wellbeing during or after the challenge. I agree that I am taking on the challenge at my own risk and hereby certify that Lucky Coq, its employees or affiliates will not be held responsible or liable for any injuries, damage or loss of earnings caused during or after the challenge. I confirm that I have read the rules of the challenge and hereby promise to abide by them throughout the challenge. I also agree that all final decisions regarding disqualification shall be subject to the sole and complete discretion of Lucky Coq. I certify that the information provided and my signature indicates my understanding and assumption of the risks and my voluntary participation in the challenge.
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